President's Corner

President's Corner From Our Own Beth Bergeron

My new year's wish for all of you:

Connect w/ old friends, make new friends, golf better than last year.

“One of the most fascinating things about golf is how it reflects the cycle of life. No matter what you shoot – the next day you have to go back to the first tee and begin all over again and make yourself into something.” -Peter Jacobsen

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Membership News

Another great session from Gary Gant at Chestnut!  We had 11 participants and he gave each one individual attention.  Here is a summary of his tips:

 He started with some good reminders on Pace of Play:

i)                    Don’t worry about anyone else; others aren’t paying attention to what you are doing... Everyone hits bad shots... Just keep up w/ the group in front of you

iv)                Don’t use a ball you can’t afford J … look for less than 5 min

v)                  Don’t be afraid to pick up if you have hit your max strokes (maybe then drop on the green & putt)

Next up was the air game on the range (basically all shots other than chipping & putting).  Here are his top tips

·         Grip:  put your left thumb in the crease of your right hand (opposite for lefties) and grip it loosely --- if you are not sure, take a club into the clubhouse & he'll be happy to adjust this for you!

·         Stance:  shoulder width apart

·         Shoulder to Shoulder:  swing the club up back over your right shoulder and finish through over your left shoulder (opposite for lefties).

·         Balance:  this is probably the thing he emphasized the most. Throughout your swing and especially as you finish, you must have your balance (pose at the end facing your target)

 We wrapped up w/ the ground game (chipping).  This technique can be used for a large range of chipping distances - the basics are the same, just change the length of the swing:

·         Put the ball in the middle of your stance

·         Lean like crazy (towards the green) - your weight should be mostly on the foot closest to the green 

·         Position your hands over your front knee

·        Keep your wrists/arms stiff (don't 'flip it'; stiff as can be)

Many thanks to Gary for his support of EWGA!

Handicap Info

How many rounds do I need to establish a handicap?

If you are establishing for the first time, you need 5 18 holes rounds, 10 9 hole rounds or a combination of the two to reach 90 holes played.  

If you already have an established average, you just need 2 18 hole rounds, or 4 9 hole rounds this year to keep your handicap valid for the year.  

Direct handicap question to Elaine Cossart at elaineerc@aol.com

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Join us for a Women Build informational meeting December 11 at 5:30 p.m at the Bittersweet Lakes Clubhouse.

Great things are coming for next year's Women Build and we want YOU to be the first to know!

Invite your friends and join us for cocktails and festive hors d'ouerves as we share details about Women Build 2019.

LPGA Amateur Golf association National News


Dear Members,

As you know, the EWGA moved under the LPGA umbrella earlier this year and was rebranded as LPGA Women Who Play, a program of the LPGA Foundation.

Not long after the merger was announced, it become clear that many members were supportive of the joining the LPGA family, but many were not in favor of the re-branded name.  Some felt as though LPGA Women Who Play mistakenly implied that you were LPGA professionals, and some felt as though the word “Play” diminished the fact that you were serious, passionate women golfers.

As promised, we have listened and learned from your comments, suggestions and survey responses.  We have spent the last few weeks applying what we learned and are notifying you that, as of today, LPGA Women Who Play will now be known as the LPGA Amateur Golf Association.

Learn more by visiting LPGAAmateurs.com or follow @LPGAAmateurs on social media.


We continue to be excited about the future and look forward to getting back to work on your behalf. Onward and upward as the LPGA Amateur Golf Association!

Best of luck on the links this summer,

Jane Geddes
Executive Director
LPGA Amateur Golf Association



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Golf Etiquette Tips

10 Rules For Good Golf Etiquette  
Rule #1 - Don't Be The Slowest Player

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